Dr. Hukam Chand Bansal


Promises hold a great deal of dignity if we keep them & so are the words & so are the commitments. In my public speeches, I was ever giving the parents and the children a pocketful of promises to usher in an era of unparalleled infrastructural facilities & I’m proud to share how clear I was in my vision to fulfil it. I won’t be boasting to claim that I’ve done better than what I dreamt of. Who won’t feel complacent or ecstatic in seeing such a 20 lane digital shooting range hosting my youngsters adorned in shooting kits. The table tennis hall exudes the richness of 6 qualitative tables at par with international standards. A little away is an exquisite arena comprised of snooker & billiard tables imparting style to the children. And the two well laid squash courts add to the glamour of the sports world. Every room has the Korean fitted air-conditioners adding to the efficiency of the players.

I wonder how many top schools in the country can be privileged to have an indoor swimming pool of this standard that we have come up with. I, being an optimist, have full faith in the future greatness of India and I realize this greatness of tomorrow rests with the youth of to-day. As such, I stand up to a total commitment, to merit & brilliance of work culture.

To sum up, as a matter of fact every parent has to bear it in mind that every thing in life needs its own period of time to grow and I firmly believe “Slow & steady wins the race”. Thus, when the goal is so inviting there is no question of not scoring it with zeal, zest & enthusiasm.

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