Annual Report 2019-20

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is, therefore, not an act, but a habit.”

From its inception to this day, in its journey of glorious 20 years , “excellence” had remained the prime focus of all the endeavors OPBMS had under taken for its students. It has been  an incredible journey of success and achievements in all the fronts, whether academic, co curricular and sports. We have completed the milestone of 20 years of excellence and earned a niche  for itself ,being the best school of the region and will continue the legacy forever.


ERP: To provide easy access to school related information and more transparency to the parents ERP /OPBMS app has been introduced by the school. It has now become very easy for the parents to keep a track of the studies and activities of their wards.

NIIT Mathematics Lab:  OPBMS has provided NIIT Mathematics Lab for the students of classes III to VIII. One period per week is dedicated for the practical work. Students are provided with Ids to access the software from home also.  The digital mathematics  lab has made the teaching learning process more joyful and helped the students to understand the concepts better.

NSS:  OPBMS  has also initiated the Indian Government sponsored Public Service Programme , NSS,  this academic session. The scheme is a hit with our senior students, most of whom have opted for it. The programme aims to instill the idea of social welfare   and contribute to the growth of the personality of the students.

Generation Global: It is a pioneering global education programme for 12- 17 year olds, providing them with skills and experience they need to navigate difference in a peaceful way. It provides global learning and dialogue opportunities for students to put critical thinking skills into practice through facilitated dialogue. OPBMS has organized many dialogue sessions through video conferences with students of different schools of India, Pakistan Indonesia etc. on topics like, festivals, art of expression, Human Trafficking, Environment issues like climate change.

IFM/FMM: We started two new vocational subjects, Financial Market Management and Introduction to Financial Market for the students of XI & IX respectively during this academic session.  The subject will give an edge to the students over others who aim to have their own start ups and even help them to understand the commerce subjects in a better way.

Work Experience is one component of CBSE Curriculum which aims to enable the students to understand scientific principles and procedures through hands on experiments. It also aims at restoring dignity and respect to all types of work and to promote self reliance. Special effort has been taken by OPBMS to fulfill the aim. I would like to place in record my sincere thanks to RIMT authorities and faculty who took out time from their busy schedule to provide the excellent opportunity to the students. The students of classes VI to X availed this opportunity and had a joyful, exploratory learning experience.

Excellence Award: Excellence award in various fields like dance, music, reading habit, oratory skills, visual art, healthy Tiffin etc have been introduced this year to encourage the students to hone their skills and to bring out the best in them.

HUBS of Learning: OPBMS has been appointed as the lead collaborator to lead 5 neighboring schools under HOL by CBSE. HUBS of Learning works with the principle of sharing, cooperating, learning from each other and growing together. It promotes self improvement and ensures enhancement of quality of education of CBSE schools.

Legal literacy Club has been formed in the school for the senior students. The aim of the legal literacy club as the name suggests is to make the students aware of the various laws and their impact on the life of the citizens.

Twinning Programme: Under the initiative “Twinning of Schools” launched by the education department of Punjab. Students of OPBMS attended an exchange programme with the Govt school of Harbanshpura to share the best practices followed in their respective schools. Apart from sharing the best practices followed in their schools, they also discussed the art, craft and local culture. This programme will help develop the sense of brotherhood, harmony and understanding among the students from diverse backgrounds.

Recording Studio: OPBMS is an ocean of talent. OPBanslians are excelling not only in academics but also in dance, music and various other visual and performing arts. To nourish the budding artists, the school provides them a platform where the performances of the students are recorded in the studio and are  uploaded on YouTube. One of our students, Master Bhavya Singhi of XD, has got a musical video release .


Class XII: Keeping the tradition alive OPBMS secured the first ,second and 3rd positions in the District of Fatehgarh Sahib in Commerce stream.  Prachi Goyal made OPBMS proud by securing 98.6% and bagging the position of district topper .Khushi Jindal and Shivi Mittal bagged the second position with 97.2%. Tanu Rehal bagged the 3rd position with 97% marks. Ishita Gupta Stood first in science stream with 91.4%

 Four students secured 100% in painting, three students secured 100% in mathematics, two students secured 100% in economic and one student each secured 100% in accountancy and Business Studies in class XII Board examination. Out of 130  students 17% secured more than 90% marks and 55% secured more than 80% mark in the Board examination. During the academic session 2017-18, 5 students received merit certificate from CBSE for their outstanding performances .

Class X

In class X Siya Mittal and Kashish Batish made the school proud by securing 96.8%. Five  students secured 100 % in ICT, two students secured 100% in maths and one student secured 100% in science. Out of 159 students 31% students secured more than 90% and 56% students secured more than 80% in the board examination.


OPBMS participates in all the Olympiads, NSTSE,VVM, PRMO and Inspire award. Many students are availing the opportunity every year. In the academic session 2018-19 ,two students were selected for state camp under inspire award. Under vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan Adhirajof class VII and Srishti Bansal  have been selected for state camp this year.

Atal Tinkering Mission: The ATLs have been envisaged to be the hub for innovation, invention, making, tinkering and giving shape to ideas that solve local and global problems using technology.  Students are tinkering and innovating in an  environment of  scientific temperament and  hands on approach in STEM subjects through Atal Tinkering Lab. Students are working on their innovative projects under the guidance of their mentor teacher and are ready to patent their ideas. During this year also three events have been already conducted for the students and one event is in the pipeline. An exhibition was held for the innovators where they displayed their self made projects. An event was organized for the community of other schools who visited the lab and got exposure to the content. Students projects were selected for participation in an event  “India’s Future Tycoons”, an inter school competition conducted by Atal innovation Mission in collaboration with UN-GCNI. in the zonal round held in Delhi. Yug Thapar, Sufal Sharma, Navanjot Kaur, Gitansh Jindal,Mehraj Panesar, Aditya Taggarand Lovish Jindal participated in this event . The teams presented sustainable solutions around water.

Devang Shori ,  own the accolade for being one of the top innovators for The Gandhian Challenge2019 in the Science & Innovation theme.


OPBMS leaves no stone unturned to provide its students with all the resources to excel in sports. Throughout the year students are guided and trained by experienced and dedicated coaches to achieve their dreams. This year approximately 400 students( 250 boys & 150 girls)  participated at Zonal level, approximately 250  students participated at district level and approximately 190 students participated at state level competitions in various games and bagged gold and silver medals in many events.

The school received the certificate of Fit India Compliance School this year.

Contribution of OPBMS to the game of Shooting is not only recognized at state level but also at national level for years together. Keeping with the tradition, 13 Students of OPBMS participated in 63rd National level shooting championship this year. Out of which Ms. Ariha of XII science received Gold award. Yuvraj Singh of XD and Rajveer Singh of X A have been selected for Indian Team trial.

The combination of talent of the students and the effort of the teachers never fails to bring laurels. This can be surely said about the game of Swimming where our very young swimmers Varun Sharma and Ashnoor Kaur of class VIII made their presence felt at the National level.

Yashika Bansal , the smart strategic chess player of class IX  made OPBMS proud by bagging the Bronze medal at national level.

Last but not the least Master Anant Singhal and Ekam Sond, have been selected for national level in soft Tennis.

Annual Sports Day:

The annual sports day of the school was organised in the month of October. There was 100% participation of the students of classes Ankur to VIII. Different classes put up different programmes on the occasion. The winners of the different track and field events were honoured with badges , medals and cups.  The best players of different games were also honoured on the occasion. The school students representing the four Houses ( Dr. Radhakrisnan House, Vivekanand House, Tagore House & Aryabhatta House) led by the school band stole the show .

Co Curricular Activities:

Rangotshav : OPBMS provides  a platform to the creative minds to participate in Rangotsav celebration ,  a national level art competition every year. The achievements of the students in the competition are always overwhelming and outstanding. This year 262 students participated in the event. Saksham Aggarwal of class V bagged the all India Ist prize in handwriting, a Golden Fist, made of 99.9% pure Gold. Navanjot Kaurof class VII bagged the ist prize in collage, a bycycle. Arisha Gupta of class IX bagged the second prize in collage, a Silver Fist, made of 99.9% pure silver. 32 students bagged trophies and 159 students bagged gold medal in various events like colouring, collage, cartoon making, hand writing, Greeting card making etc.

Annual Cultural Show & Class Shows

Annual cultural show  was organized in the month of December . The students got the opportunity to show case their talent in front of a huge audience of parents and dignitaries. The students and parents look forward to this day when the youngsters not only explore the creative aspect of their personality but also spread the message of nationalism, universal brotherhood and imbibe the values of  team spirit, humility and the spirit to fight against the social evils. 

Class Shows were organised for students of nursery to class II. All the students participate in the event. The young students in their bright and colorful costumes and cheerful demeanor   bring smile and joy to each and everybody.

Environmental Responsibility

OPBMS fulfils the responsibility towards the environment in true letter and spirit. The school makes all possible effort to deliver the best in this area. Solar panels are put up on all the roof tops which caters to the power supply of the school. Energy saving equipments are used by the school to save energy. Rain water harvesting   system is also constructed as one of the basic  steps in this direction. Tree plantation has been a   norm in OPBMS for the last couple of years. On all good occasions , the school gets a tree  planted by the visiting dignitaries. Students are also asked to plant trees / plants at their homes and neighbourhoods and take care of the plants. Waste management also taken care of in OPBMS very diligently. Awareness is disseminated among the students and parent community regarding banning the use of plastic, recycling, reusing things and to use environment friendly steps through  school assemblies, Nukkad Natak , skits and messages.  All the guidelines issued by CBSE towards environment safety are  also followed by the school very strictly.  OPBMS has been awarded  " Appreciation certificate"  for participating in cleanliness initiatives organised  by the Municipal Corporation, Mandi Gobindgarh.

Important SMC Decisions

There will be addition of more classrooms and activity halls. A floor will be constructed in the middle wing. The outdoor sports facilities will be renovated.  The tiling work of the connecting road from the RIMT University to the school has been completed . It was a major issue which used to hinder the smooth movement .The track field will be renovated and a basketball court and badminton court will be added adjacent to the track field. The classrooms of the senior wing , which are very large, will be renovated. False ceiling will be put in all the class rooms to help in sound proofing and energy conservation. Classes VI  to X will be digitalized. 

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